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23 July 2011



Bravo David! I have been a frequent visitor to your Music Arcades and shall continue to wade in and explore and get ideas. Flying back from Sicily last weekend I was sat beside a man in a Grateful Dead t shirt, nothing too strange about that only he looked like a 40 something Neil Young and spoke in an American drawl. I struck up conversation and next thing I know I have somebody compiling a list of essential jazz and blues records. I even got an invite to visit them sometime in Donegal.
In much the same way your extensive music collection blog has excited me, opened my ears to new sound and given me tons of ideas. To your wonderful taste in music, a la salute!
Enjoy the extra time with Lucy and the boy.


You're a gent, Brian. Thank your for your support over the years, and I return your salute!

Martin Archer

That's been a really good project David - you'll need to follow up with a more manageable occasional update!

Jacques Le Goff

Hi David,
Not too sure you're still reading or answering this blog. I used to have that tape of April in Managua that I bought, I think, near Camden around 1987. I loved it. I remember listening to it on a walkman with 2 hearplugs along Brighton beach with my girlfriend (now and still my wife) after having a pint or too many, at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, and being asked to leave. I carried that tape everywhere for years, then moved to Dublin. Then my car was stolen outside my door. They dropped the car around the corner (sorry lads, empty tank), but these ignorant worms stole the tapes in the car, including THIS tape, that I never found again. Could you help me? I would be most grateful and would invite you for a dinner in Brittany where I live most of the time, or in Dublin (where my kidney transplant surgeon team let me go from time to time). In fairness, if you are the moderator, you're more than welcomed to censore it, but please, answer me.
P.S. Sorry for the poor English, I'm French.


Just to let everyone know: I don't check this blog regularly any more, and the 'alerts' I get on comments seem a little erratic, so it may take a while for me to notice them, but I'm very happy to receive (and help out where I can) contributions like Jacques'. I'm replying to him privately.

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