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01 April 2011


Fred Stagg

This puts me to mind of a Chick Corea album I own. Not that it is musically similar in any way, but the fact that I still own it. There is a grating sort of quality about it that holds me just a few precious feet away from appreciation. Every few (3 to 7) years, I drop this thing onto my turntable with the hope that some sonic barracade in my brain has been removed and will allow me to enjoy it. Still hasn't happened.....
By the way it's titled A.R.C. and features Dave Holland and Barry Altschul, in case you haven't had enough of the barely listenable.

Martin Archer

This is actually the lightest / gentlest touch of the 4 Combat Astro CDs to date, so you def won't like the others!

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