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12 December 2010


Fred Stagg

Forgive me if this seems a little self centred, but your mention of the brush with electronic geekhood is similar to my experience. As a young man I went to a school in the US to learn the trade of the recording engineer. I had grand designs of becoming the next Alan Parsons. Alas, now I am a carpenter. Oops. Anyhow, the first time I heard Klaus Schultze, it was one of those moments that seemed to change everything. Tangerine Dream was already part of the lexicon, but this album Irrlicht came along to intrigue and freak me out all at once. Perhaps "X" should join my collection.


Hi Fred, if you got marked down for being self-centred round here, well, there wouldn't be much left of the blog... ;-) If all you've heard of Klaus's stuff is Irrlicht then you've only got a limited view of what he's capable of. That slow arhythmic style crops up throughout his career, but there are also some percussion-driven pieces that I probably prefer, on balance. X feels like a transitional album to me, and thus it's not the best of any of his main styles -- though at the same time Ludwig II von Bayern stands out as his most realised orchestral piece (probably... I can't claim to be familiar with all his work). Here's my full set of notes on his albums, so have a peek through those and maybe sample some that sound interesting. I know you don't have Spotify in Canada, but maybe an equivalent (Rhapsody?)

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