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26 November 2010


Fred Stagg

The question of how much music would be the body and just how long is the tail, is most interesting. This oddly, is something I too have pondered on occasion. Thanks to the miricle of modern electrics (itunes and a computer), I think, in my case anyway, the tail could actually be as much as half of the collection. Now this is predicated on the notion that my listening habits are the same as they have always been. Thanks to things like "shuffle" I know they are not. The practice of putting on an album and listening through was as much about listening "protocol" as it was the technology. These days the shear abundance of on demand music sources was beyond imagination when I first heard and embraced the term audiophile. I digress. If you don't already know of it, here is a link to a vault full of live music. I hope it works for you in the U.K. It's from the CBC and it's called Concerts on Demand. http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/cod/


It kind of depends where you think the body ends and the tail begins. The tail could be more than half my collection... As Chris Anderson says in The Long Tail, we're getting beyond the old 80/20 rule: it could be that 10% of my collection receives 90% of the plays. Or at least that might be the case had I not embarked on a five-year (so far) project to listen to everything at least once...

And, yes, the CBC site seems to cross the Atlantic OK - crossing the Windows-Mac chasm was a further challenge (I think they're Windows Media streams?), but seemed to manage that, just.

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