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10 October 2010


Absolutely Cuckoo

Get Realism man. A sad state of affairs to be without. It's a record that gets better all the time. Will I see you at the BFI Friday?

M.J. Nicholls

'Tis an odd album, but "Old Fools" and "Mr. Mistletoe" are moving weepies as awesome as anything on i.

You can't help feeling Merritt's ambitions getting smaller/more esoteric with each album. I love this one but Shirley Simms should not have sung "The Nun's Litany".


Hey, Cuckoo, I'll get it when the price becomes reasonable -- until then I'll live with the download I've got. You won't see me at the BFI on Friday, but you may see me at the Wenlock on Saturday, if you can make it? If so, I'll bring that Domino compilation that I still, shamefully, haven't sent you.

M.J., I think he's casting around for new themes, and can't find one half as decent as "love songs". Hence Hans Christian Andersen, Chinese orphans and suchlike. He said his ambition now is to write 50 Hollywood musicals. OK, Stephin, get on with that, and stop dicking around with this arch-indie-chamber-pop stuff that seemed to lose your interest about 8-10 years ago.

(disclaimer: opinions expressed may be misinformed, misguided and wrong -- but you knew that, didn't you?)

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