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17 May 2010


Medwyn Jones

That was one that slipped me by I'm afraid, but on the strength of your review, I've just ordered a copy (few left on vinyl apparently) from ankst.

BTW - there was an article about ankst in the Guardian last week in their "label of love" series - http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2010/may/05/label-ankst - up there with the greats like 4AD, Mute, Dandelion, Blue Note 2Tone etc - damn fine company they keep.

I had the great pleasure of hearing their latest signing, Klaus Kinski, play a few weeks back - debut album out in summer apparently - though a single is out already. Here's a taste of thing to come: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvcsQn2CWLM

“They make the most unhinged and primal racket that I have ever heard. It’s mercurial and surreal: the Birthday Party fronted by a psychotic Spike Milligan. If you like your music unstable, bust into a thousand unexpected shapes and ultimately thrilling, this band are for you.” - Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales)


Thanks for the pointer to the Ankst piece -- very interesting.

Klaus Kinski, phew! Inevitably I did a double-take at the name, but of course it's as Welsh as the hills... In your video it looks like it was just you and the drunk semi-naked bloke in the audience. Whose idea was it to give him a microphone

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