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24 February 2010


M.J. Nicholls

You should give this another spin. It's a very strong piece of work.

M.J. Nicholls

Shall I answer myself?

"Yes, commenter, I shall give it a spin again. I do enjoy the vocal stylings of Barbera Manning."

There we go.


Hey, M.J.! Really sorry to be slow replying, but I wanted to give the album another spin before I did. I've had a stomach bug that has sapped all my energy for the last 48 hours (in bed before 7pm on Tues and Weds), and it's been a bit of a struggle keeping up.

I also offer my fevered state as an excuse (read also: apology) for the silly braggadocio about bragging rights. I don't really care about such oneupmanship. I think I mainly wanted to own this vinyl set because, once you start collecting an artist's work, collecting takes on its own momentum and becomes a hard habit to kick.

Further update to come in the next few days when I've listened to Wasps' Nests once more. In the meantime, M.J., thank you for all your comments: every one of them is welcome and appreciated, even when I don't respond.

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