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04 November 2009



I think "Green" was REM's last great album. I still have a soft spot for them, but nothing beats their 80s output. Perhaps you're being a bit harsh on their early output - "Murmur" and "Reckoning" were startlingly original when they came out... I played both of them incessantly. Perhaps interviewers presented the band as three guys plus a weirdo because they didn't know how to pigeonhole them....

Yes, there was conventional stuff like "Don't Go Back to Rockville", but songs like "Harborcoat" and "7 Chinese Brothers" were a breath of fresh air when the rest of popular music seemed obsessed with either synthesised pap or solemn industrial post-punk. Give 'em a spin - you might like 'em :-)


Ah, BrandNewGuy, very kind of you to drop by. Don't spend too long round here, though: you'll only find more things I've said that irritate you...

You have been very gentle with me this time - thank you. I was, as you rightly guessed, arguing from a strong foundation in ignorance about those early albums (though I've heard the songs you mention on the radio more than once, I think). I should give them a listen and will hasten to my nearest on-demand streaming service to do so. What's a 'spin', dad?


Well, what was the next cd that blew you away even more, then?


Good question, Tagemeister. Not sure if you're as good at cryptic crosswords as BrandNewGuy, but let's just say it would have Kurt Cobain's missus shifting backwards. All will be revealed when the album in question crops up in due course.

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