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16 October 2009


Andrew D

I have great sympathy with this posting as I also have had difficulty finding information on the internet regarding the Tom Robinson Castaway CDs.

Having just been to the 2012 Tom Robinson gig for friends and families I decided to collate my Tom Robinson CD collection. Being a past member of his Castaway Club I knew that I should have all his Castaway Club CDs. Frustratingly I can find only CD1, CD2, CD3, CD4 and CD8.

I would love to replace the missing CD5, CD6 and CD7. Can anyone describe these missing CDs. Also I believe there was a CD9. Can anyone confirm if that was indeed the last CD issued?


Andrew, If I ever find my copy of CD7, you can have it. We're planning on moving house in about three years, so that's probably the best bet i.e. don't hold your breath!

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