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02 October 2009



I'm glad to know I wasn't the only person obsessed with Laurie Anderson's "deeper meaning." I first heard this album as a teen when I was somewhat out of my mind on LSD; I'm reasonably sure the combination permanently altered my brain.

Laurie's delivery, combined with her writing skill, always left you feeling like you were missing...something. That was really part of her schtick. My guess is, there wasn't much under the surface.

Similar to Steely Dan, whose sardonic and ironic delivery of clever lyrics loosely based around some story always made me look for something more; or The Matrix, with its loose collection of various religious symbols allowed people to see more than was intentionally there, Laurie's work captures people's imaginations because she does not fill in the blanks.

I remember reading an interview with the director of "Jacob's Ladder." They were talking about the relatively low-budget special effects to create the demons in the movie. He explained that by doing something as simple as putting a nylon over an actor's face, having him look out the window of a moving van, and letting the camera get a brief, shaky glimpse as the van goes by, your brain will fill in a much scarier image than they could build with makeup or effects.

I think the mystery of her work is the asset that makes it timeless. The fact that there may or may not be anything substantial under the surface, to me anyway, doesn't really diminish it.

Thanks for writing.

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