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27 July 2009



Glad you mentioned "badly pressed" because I was convinced I was responsible for my awful copy (and the impact that would have on its value!).

If memory serves, the best thing about the EP is how scarily young and skinny Black Francis looks on the picture on the back of the sleeve.


Blimey, I hadn't noticed that, but, yes, your memory does serve, even if it's a slightly cruel servant. Black Francis looks about 18 (he's the same age as me, so must have been 22 going on 23), and is smaller in the pic than the diminutive Joey Whatsisname!

I think it's not just the pressing. The (live) recording of The Wedding Present song is so poor that it manages to make my hundreds of pounds of hi-fi emulate a portable transistor radio. I was seriously worried for a moment that my stylus had been b*ggered.

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