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18 October 2008


Ashley Pomeroy

This was my introduction to the band, or at least their earlier work, although I came to them as a direct result of their "re-appropriation by the Orb generation". Perhaps because of that I preferred the early and mid-period stuff, because the structured later works sounded a bit too close to Knight Rider for comfort.

The sad thing is that they never seemed to capitalise on their latter-day fame. Can and Faust and Kraftwerk all seemed to have a second wind (even Mike Oldfield, who was VBOX1), with remix albums and reformations etc, but Tangerine Dream were still churning out dreck.

I wonder if there was a VBOX3. The Human League?


I'm still a fan of the group (the boxset being the second thing I bought by them). Any chance of a scan of the Richard Cook article?

Can, second wind? dead by late 1977 mate.


I've sent Andy a scan of the article. If anyone else wants one, just drop a comment (with valid email address) here.

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