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26 May 2008



You didn't hear Horses until the 90s??? Fuck, man, where was head for 15 years? Lemme guess, up Black Sabbath's ass, no doubt. Look, kid, you got to to the party late, that's obvious, and saying stupid, ignorant shit like the comment about the Beatles record just hangs a sign on ya that says, "Ignorant And Proud Of It! You can bet your poofter white ass that Patti was a beatlemaniac in her own time, too, bank on it, loser. Now go back to your phil collins collection and leave the real stuff for people that were there, on time, asswipe, not ignorant and late...


Phil Collins? Oh shit, looks like I'm late to that party too... again!

Kisses and hugs right back atcha, Brian! Keep smiling.

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