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18 January 2008


Eric Reda

Hey Friend ... have been looking for this album for AGES after having fallen in love with 15 WILD DECEMBERS shortly after its release in the 90s, and later BLACK FLOWERS [after finally hunting down a used copy online].

I wonder if you have a copy of this recording [MP3, FLAC or other] uploaded anywhere to the web ... I as well can find no record of it anywhere other than in Bryer's discography.

And it is not that Geoff Smith [the dulcimer player]. The Geoff Smith in question helped to found the Bath Spa University [http://www.bathspa.ac.uk/] in the UK in 2002. He then retired in 2008.

As well, Geoff and Anna have written an amazing little book of interviews with American avant garde composers [info here: http://www.glasspages.org/smithbk.html].

It is quite strange how completely these 2 have dropped out of the scene.

Thanks for your time and the post!


[PS - I found this little blog page a while back with a little more info and rapidshare links to the previous albums: http://saltyka.blogspot.com/2008/12/geoff-smith.html]


Eric, thank you, in turn, for the extra info you've provided. I've sent you a message on FB in response to your request. Cheers, David

Phil Roche


I too am a big fan or these two. Managed to track Geoff down at his latest academic post and email him--he replied that he has some new tunes in the works that he plans to record in the near future.

I would love to get my hands on a copy of the above-mentioned CD as well as "Gas, Food, Lodging" (listed on the Kitchenware Web site), but so far, no luck. I did locate a copy of "Black Flowers" in the massive Amoeba Music store while vacationing in Southern California last week.

Stephen Whitaker

Gas - Food - Lodging is available on Amazon.co.uk


Thanks, Stephen, to save anyone the trouble of ploughing through all the other albums called Gas - Food - Lodging, here's a direct link http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gas-Food-Lodging-Smith-Geoff/dp/B000057UD5.

The MadLP

Thank you all. I've been trying to hunt down Geoff Smith G F L for almost 20 years maybe longer. I even had a friend living in the UK at the time scour record stores for the obscure Kitchenware label to no avail. As others have commented, very little info on Geoff Smith and Nicola Walker Smith. There was one piece in particular that I really wanted to hear again. I think its some poems in French, I can't remember. I was listening to it on a long gone new music Radio show hosted by Other Minds founder Charles Amhirhanian sitting in my car I think! I put up a "looking for" on the original GEMM site years ago and in all these years its never popped up. THat label never made it to the US as far as I know. But I checked your amazing uk link and it appears there are a couple copies available?! I'm really excited -- of course after all these years it could be a let down, but I feel like I just want that damn CD since I've been trying to get it for so long! :-) thnx to all in this thread for key info!

Phil Roche


Yes, many thanks folks for the links to the used copies of G-F-L!!! MadLP...have you purchased a copy yet? If so, was it worth all the trouble??


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