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08 September 2007



Day of Niagara isn't difficult to listen to. It's exceptionally easy. Which is part of the problem with it. It makes great background music for writing poetry, plotting against your neighbors, or simply doing housework.

Now, John Cale's disk 'Sun Blindness Music' really lives up to the title. It may appeal to you, if epiphany via extended noise is what you're after. It's the best (in my somewhat contrarian opinion) of the three "New York in the 1960s" records, but all of them are essential if you're into barely listenable noise.


Thank you, RPI. That's a useful challenge to my (perhaps lazy?) reaction. I managed to locate a reasonably priced second-hand copy of Sun Blindness Music, and have ordered it. If you watch this space, then -- eventually -- I'll let you know how I got on with it.

p.s. your fragments of cale blog looks fascinating -- thank you!

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