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18 June 2007


Ben Culture

It is a good album, though I would call it "challenging". It's not everyday, all-weather listening, but it's awfully good to have in one's collection; on some days, nothing else will do.
I didn't think one anonymous lawyer's opinion mattered, but by all means, listen to the guy from Yes, if you prefer [derisive snicker].
Rowland himself has told us he was worse than "difficult". How do you criticize a man who says "it's nothing short of miraculous that I have never served a prison sentence"? Maybe you should have read those "two pages" you complained of, before writing about the album.


Hi Ben,

What made you think I didn't read those two pages? I'm pretty certain I did.

I listened to Don't Stand Me Down again a month or two back, inspired by One Day I'm Going to Soar, which is possibly the single album I've listened to most in the last year. I agree with you comments. I think One Day I'm Going to Soar is even better. I saw Dexys perform in London in April, and they were astonishingly good.

all the best, David

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