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31 October 2006



I was doing a bit of mindless surfing and
gave a shot to finding the video you mentioned having a copy of. I had one but got lost a long time ago. My interest in getting a copy is because I was one of the mice on the tour and the video. I worked for the sound company on the tour. But during the show I could do anything as long as it was rodent-like. If it's possible, please let me know.
Thank you in advance!


Hi Russell,

Congratulations on your starring role as a mouse -- you were great!

Unfortunately I've moved house since I wrote this post, and we no longer have ready access to a video player, let alone the means of making a copy. All our videos are in the loft... The time and expense involved in tracking it down, finding somewhere with the equipment to make a copy, and shipping it transatlantically (I'm assuming you're in the States) -- well, I think it might be quicker and cheaper to wait until Neil releases it officially on Archives Box 3 in 2015. (Also my copy was grainy, probably because it had been converted from NTSC to VHS, and if you wanted it converted back...)

Sorry not to be more help,

Russell Emery

Well thanks for the reply. My copy wasn't very good either. We weren't given official
copies. The regular show was pretty good and had all the crew playing various roles. We took awhile to figure out how to act and towards the end of the tour, it worked. The video was different though. Neil replaced a few of the crew with real actors, Sam Kinneson was one. They couldn't and didn't try to fit in with us on stage. So the vibe of the show wasn't there. I had a great time as a mouse. Neil gave me carte blanc to do as I pleased whenever as long as it was rodent-like. I haven't been over to your side of the pond for a while. Take care,
The Mouse


Do you still need a copy? As I have a digital copy

Russell Emery

Hello Hugh,
My 18 year old son has trouble believing
what I did on stage. A copy of the show would be more than fantastic. How would you get a copy to me and if there are any costs,
I would be happy to bear them. Sorry for the delay in my response and many thanks for yours,


Just got this album. The F side is unbelievable. Does anyone know where I can find a digital copy of the video?

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