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12 May 2006


Max Blazevic

I liked your description, and felt the same way about Simon's death back in '97. I was fortunate enough to have a chat with him for about half an hour backstage in Venice '95 - I remember his almost childlike enthusiasm for what was to come next re: the Orchestra - "new music with no roots", "dissonance instead of consonance", "more electronic", "more space for improvisation", "a link to the very first album", "the space between in sound" were more or less the descriptions for what was to come next (an album called 'Chaotic Garden', beautiful title). really sad it was not to be.
thanks also very, very much for the Sounds snippet. would it be possible for you to post a higher-resolution scan of Simon's interview from the WOMAD Talking Book? PCO interviews are so hard to come across..

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