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28 March 2006



I know this is going to sound horrible, and as a collector of music (though it seems vastly less so than yourself, I'm impressed!)I shouldn't ask but would you be interested in selling this piece? As its nigh impossible to find, despite spending years sitting on ebay and such like trawling for it. I have heard numerous reviews similar to your own and others which simply trash it but I must confess this question is from a completist angle and there is the rub.
Anyway, if this is a waste of your time i apologise in advance. I have not included my regular email as I prefer not to broadcast it publicly.


Sorry to disappoint you, Charles, but I haven't sold any records or CDs in the last 25 years, and I have no plans to do so at the moment.


:) Figured. But had nothing to lose by asking.
Thanks for responding though, appreciated.

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