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12 January 2006


Ross Lambert

Good afternoon,
I found your site today when searching for the Godard ca vous chant record. Have been enjoying your posts and wondering who you are, as I must have seen you at the Foot and Mouth Club back then.



Hi Ross, Yes, we met and spoke a few times about 20 years ago -- I think we may even have shared a lift back from an Ornette gig in Manchester around 1987? I think you're on the Feetpackets CD I have, as well? Did you move to London about ten years ago? If so, I have now followed you down...


That was Prime Time. So we shared a lift, did we! Still rings no bells. Weren't Barry and John Thomps. in the car?



I think the only person I knew in the car was a guy called Pete. What happened was that Ornette ended up being due on stage much later than originally scheduled, and I actually negotiated a refund because I had to get the last train back to Sheffield and would miss nearly all the set. Then I saw Pete, and asked how he was getting home, and if I could cadge a lift too. I did the whole trip in the boot of the car, so I can't be sure who else was there. If Barry or John are the guys from Rare and Racy, yes, I think they might have been.


I bought "English Commonflowers" based on a review on the BBC's website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/reviews/2ncz). It was even better than the review led me to expect, and I've bought several more, hoping for more of the same. "Ghost Lily Cascade" came closest, I think, but nothing else matches it. I haven't made an all-time top-50 list in a long time, but "Commonflowers" would definitely be on it.


Ah, it's funny seeing what I wrote five years ago when I had a "handful" of Martin Archer recordings and "I bought them all at his gigs". No more gigs since then, sadly, but several more recordings. Thanks, Ferdi, for pointing out that one of the few I don't have is the best! Guess I'll have to put in another order before long.

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