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29 November 2010


Fred Stagg

I do need to preface this by saying that aside from his contribution to "Deja Vu" and all number of his popular singles, I am not a huge fan of Neil Young. It's not so much dislike as ignorance. You answered the question I had about Le Noise, that being, what you thiught of it. Don't be taken aback, but it's no secret that you are somewhat of a Neil Young fan. Unpon hearing 3 tracks from it, I was stunned at its shody production and uninspired writing, playing, etc. What I heard had a real "I'm an icon and don't give a crap feel to it". I should also add that in this country, much has been made of the fact that Daniel Lanois produced the album. At this point, I was really shaking my head. However, I must give credit where it is due, bang on title.


Hi Fred, thanks, as usual, for your interesting comments - and apologies if I don't always deal with them as fully or promptly as I should. Sometimes just keeping the daily posts coming is all I can manage...!

Your country is Canada, right? I guess that may provide a reason to focus on Daniel Lanois -- though he's also had a high profile in some of the coverage I've seen... ah, but now I come to check back I see that was actually the CBC footage I was watching ;-)

I thought Le Noise was a faintly daft title for the record, but perhaps it's a nod to Canada's bilinguilism (though unlikely to appease the Quebecois, I would guess).

My verdict on the latest album, though, is still a provisional one. It sounded like the kind of thing I might warm to after the tenth listen. I know ten listens isn't an appealing idea to anyone who isn't a committed fan, and I won't reach that milestone in a hurry. Some Neil albums take four or five years to digest.

Fork in the Road isn't one of those, however.

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