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14 July 2010



It's funny because I'm approximately the same age as you and yet The Beatles were hugely important in our house in the 70s - and this and the Red album were the records that got most play (although we had pretty much everything else). I still get a strange nostalgic buzz when I listen to Beatles songs in the order these compilations present them.

I'd generally pick Rubber Soul or Revolver as invaluable Beatles albums (I'm not a fan of too much that came after that).

I decided a while back that A Collection of Beatles Oldies was really my favourite Beatles album because it's a "Best Of" released before they'd recorded all that later rubbish!


Andy, we're the same age, but (I'm guessing in the dark here), your parents may be a decade or so younger than mine... To my mum and dad, The Beatles were alien, long-haired pot-smokers. The records in our house were Christmas carols (my dad), Harry Belafonte and Chris Barber (my mum). And, by the seventies, their record-buying days were behind them. Most of their record-listening days, too. So the music "in our house" was what I played (no older siblings).

I may have exaggerated my ignorance about The Beatles in the seventies, I admit. I remember hearing She Loves You for the first time (when my parents were away overseas, and I was staying at someone else's house) and thinking it was amazing. Also their films (like Elvis's) were on TV at tea-time (supper time down south) on a Wednesday.


You're possibly right (at least with regards to my dad - my mum was 11 years older - shocking!) - although his music tastes were much older than he was. He was 22 in 1962 - maybe just a little too old to get truly swept away by the 60s.

It's kind of odd to write this down but I guess more important was my older brother who I have absolutely nothing in common with now - and haven't had since he went all disco as I went all HM!

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